Getting a Copier Lease in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, Henderson, and the neighborhood of Summerlin, where business is growing all the time, it is important to stay ahead of the competition. A good color printer is an important tool for any business, big or small.

The right copier can make work go more smoothly and help people be more productive, but buying one outright can be a big investment. Leasing comes in at this point. We lease out top-of-the-line color copiers at Copier Las Vegas, so your business can stay ahead without going broke.

Why Leasing a Color Copier is a Good Idea

Leasing a color printer is better than buying one in many ways. First, it lowers the initial costs, which lets businesses put their money into other areas. Second, leasing gives you access to the newest models and technologies without having to think about them becoming outdated. Lastly, maintenance and assistance are often included in leasing, which makes it easier to take care of.

Things to Think About when Leasing a Color Copier

  • Print Speed and Volume: For businesses that print a lot, print speed, which is measured in pages per minute (PPM), is very important. Faster print speeds on copiers help to boost output and cut down on downtime.
  • Resolution and Image Quality: High-resolution copiers make photos that are clear and look like they were made by a professional. For crisp, clear pictures, look for copiers with a minimum resolution of 600×600 dpi (dots per inch).
  • Paper Capacity: If a printer can hold more paper, it will take less time to fill the trays, which is especially helpful when printing a lot. Choose a copier with a paper size that can be changed and increased to fit the needs of your business.
  • Connectivity and Compatibility: Modern copiers should be able to connect to your network and work with a variety of devices, like smartphones and tablets.
  • Security Features: In the digital age we live in now, it’s important to keep private information safe. Look for copiers with built-in security features like user authentication and data protection.

Top Models of Color Copiers for Businesses in Las Vegas

We have a wide range of color copiers at Copier Las Vegas to meet the needs of any business. Here are some famous models:

Xerox VersaLink C405 or Xerox AltaLink C8130: This high-speed copier can print up to 36 pages per minute (PPM) on the C405 and 30 pages per minute on the AltaLink C8130. The C405 can handle up to 5,000 pages per month, and can join wirelessly. The C8130 would print 15,000 pages a month pretty easily. They also have improved security features and the ability to print from a mobile device.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C356iF: This copier can print 36 pages per minute (PPM) and can hold up to 2,300 sheets of paper. It is great for businesses that need to print a lot. It also has features that can be changed and strong security choices.

Lease a Copier From Us!

Businesses in Las Vegas, Henderson, and the nearby city of Summerlin would be smart to lease a color printer from Copier Las Vegas.

You’ll have access to the latest technology and models, and you’ll pay less up front and get good service. Our staff is committed to helping you find the right copy for your business. Get in touch with us right away to find out how we can help your business grow.