Copier Leases in Las Vegas
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Get the Copier Service and Support You Deserve at Reasonable Prices!

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Low Cost

We may not be the cheapest copier company, but we provide an amazing value.  We have support available unavailable from any other copier company in the area and competitive pricing.

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Always Ready

We have a service team always ready to get out and get things working.  We even have a remote support team that is available 24/7 for companies who never close.

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We do new and used copiers, if you need to pay less and want a quality used copier, we can help you out!

Copier Support That Matches Our Sales Energy!


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In bigger organizations, keeping track of each device and the toners they need is impossible.  This is why we automate the toner fullfillment.

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We have awesome technicians who can fix any problem that comes up.  We don't believe in leaving lemons out in the field.  We keep your copier working.

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Our 24/7 support could be the perfect solution for casino or places that are open all night and still need to be able to print, copy or scan!

We Want to Help!