Xerox – Prevent, Detect, Protect

Information leaks and cyber threats are pretty much a common sight these days. With their growing number, organizations have to develop proactive strategies for security. These strategies are the only thing standing between your organization and a data breach. 

Xerox products come integrated with all-inclusive security technologies, Intelligent Workplace Services, and ConnectKey capabilities. These capabilities ensure that your organization doesn’t have to deal with any weakness to cyberattacks. These technologies by Xerox:

  • Keep your devices compliant and up to date with auto-monitoring and countering.
  • Ensure only authorized users can access these print documents and their contents.
  • Release an alert as soon as any sensitive data is open.

Secure device

With the ConnectKey feature, Xerox products come with a fully comprehensive protection system to keep your components safe. They leave no points within your network open to a malicious malware to attack. 

Secure device management

These printers can provide ongoing reporting and system alerts with the help of an interactive dashboard using the Printer Security Audit Service. This makes it easier to maintain better print security through your fleet. Get in touch with Copier Las Vegas to buy or lease your Xerox printer today. 

Secure document management 

With a user analytics service, you can conveniently unlock any hidden data in your print systems to get an insight into where and when people have been using these prints. 

Secure content and data management 

DocuShare and Content Security are two features that ensure better content and data management. With Xerox Workplace Solutions service, access is granted with controls and IT management to only authorized users. It also integrates mobile print solutions. 

Apart from that, with the DocuShare service, layers of security with various customizable levels enable you to control who can access the content and modify it.

Contact Copier Las Vegas to buy or lease a secure Xerox copier or printer today!