Xerox Smart Start

If you’re wondering what driver will work with your multifunctional printer and scanner, install Xerox Smart Start. This end-user installer is designed to get you scanning and printing with Xerox® devices as quickly as possible. The Xerox Smart Start is one of the best installers for different copiers on the market. It allows you to print and scan at a quick rate.

The Smart Start Quick Installer will discover any new printer on your network. You can choose the printer that you are looking to install. This top-class program can upgrade your already connected printer with the newest driver. The installer also features support for MS print architectures for all Type 3 and 4 print systems. But you need to keep in mind that this quick installer is only for your printers. 

If you are looking to install and scan drivers, you will have to go for the Advanced Installation features. This Advanced Installation will enable you to pick the printer and page description language and the scan driver you want to install. Moreover, the Smart Start installer will recommend what options to consider for an optimal printing experience. You can easily run it with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10.

You can give this installer a try and install your printer. It will automatically keep all your printer drivers up to date. The program is pretty simple to use, and you will not have to decode anything to make it work for you. 

You can download this installer from the support webpage of Xerox.