Save Hundreds by Taking the Mystery Out of Your Copier Purchase

When buying a copier, especially for the first time, seeing all of the different quotes can get intimidating. As you dig through all of these quotes, you keep wishing that this process would somehow get easier.

Suddenly, your prayers get answered. You talk to one copier rep that gives you a straightforward quote of $324 per month, and it includes everything. Sure, the overall price may be a little more expensive than other deals you checked out, but all of them had overages you had to worry about.

All you want to know is how much a copier will cost each month without any confusing variables. When you see this simple quote, you jump for joy and sign the lease. Your nightmare journey is finally over.

The Copier Shopping Process Is a Nightmare By Design. Here’s Why.

When shopping for a copier, most people don’t have the patience to dig through every number in every quote. People want to find a simple deal to understand so they can buy a copier and get on with their lives.

Now, why would a copier rep give such a simple quote?

Copier reps take advantage of this frustration by signing you up on a plan that charges you 20-30% more than you would have if you got an itemized quote. Copier reps hide all the ways they inflate the prices (and their commission checks.)

One way they pad your bill is to add items you don’t need or set you up on a “minimum” page count so high that you’ll never be able to use them all. Everything that you don’t use is free money to a copier company, and reps use this simple quote strategy to pad your bill as much as possible.

What Is the Best Way to Avoid Paying an Inflated Price on Your Next Lease?

Copier reps hide behind the nightmare that is the copier shopping process. Presenting prospects with an inflated quote becomes easy if they wrap it up in a simple package. People pay to make complicated things simple, which provides copier reps a convenient smokescreen to hide their borderline criminal practices.

If a copier rep gives you this simple quote, get them to itemize it, so you know where every dollar is going in that lease. This itemized quote instantly removes the mystery so you can make a more informed decision about your next copier purchase.

When you see one quote to end your copier shopping journey, taking it to make the pain go away can tempt you. However, if you want to keep more money in your pocket, take the time and tell your copier rep to itemize your quote.