Xerox Print Awareness Tool

Have you heard about the Xerox Print Awareness Tool?

Are you are tired of your business spending too much money on printing then why not install the Xerox Print Awareness Tool to keep track of monthly printing costs.

Installing the Print awareness tool gives you access to a dashboard which shows all printing usage for your networked Xerox devices. This tool can help you determine users or departments that have high printing usage. The dashboard can be customised to suit your businesses needs and you can even set up a reward system to encourage print reductions.

You will have the ability to produce summary reports to track printing usage for individuals or departments. Creating a leader board can make it more fun for employees to get involved. No one likes to feel like they are being monitored but when some healthy competition is involved it can make the experience more enjoyable.

Customisable “Eco” tips can help employees reduce printing costs. For example; does the document need to be printed in full colour or can it be printed in black & white? Or does the document need to be on 6 separate pages or can you print 2-sided reducing paper usage to 3 sheets instead of 6.

By using the Print Awareness Tool, your business demonstrates and communicates to your employees a commitment to social responsibility.


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