How to avoid paper jams in your Copier

Are you tired of constantly clearing paper jams in your copier device? Got to the point where you are about to pull your hair out?

This can be frustrating at a busy time in your business!

Here are a few helpful steps to avoid on going paper jam issues

  1. What kind of paper are you using? Make sure to check the paper you are using is actually compatible with your copier. Some copiers have a minimum requirement for thickness of paper.
  2. Where are you storing your paper? Be sure to store your paper in a cool, dry space. If the paper gets slightly damp it will get jammed in the copier.
  3. Try not to fill the paper tray to its capacity. If you are adding a new ream of paper try adding half the ream at a time.
  4. Don’t mix paper types in one tray. If you need to change paper size, then remove all the paper and add one size at a time.
  5. Make sure you align the paper guides correctly with the paper size in the tray. Not doing this can confuse the copier as to what paper size is in the tray.


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