Starting your First Copier Lease

If this is your first time getting a new copier lease the you may be in for quite the ride. It’s no secret than many people don’t like getting copier leases. The process can be frustrating and there are so many untrustworthy copier leasing companies. We want to help make the process a little easier so we are here to help you when starting your first copier lease.

There are going to be a lot of factors to juggle when it comes to getting a great copier lease. You are going to need to balance your needs, your budget and your projected growth to get the best copier for your business. This can be difficult for some, but we have some questions you can start asking yourself to narrow down your choices.

  • What features do I know that I need?
  • What is my realistic budget?
  • How many people will be using my machine?
  • How many prints do I think I will need?
  • What will most print jobs look like?
  • Do you think that your print and copy needs will change if your business grows?

Questions like these can give you a good place to start thinking about what is going to work for you. We have found that it’s always better to have a rough idea before talking with a salesperson. This can help you avoid getting tricked into a lease that you don’t want. Stick to your guns and get what you need for your business, not what they want to sell you.

Another great way to start a new copier lease is to come see our great staff at Copier Las Vegas. We can help you get through the terrible process of copier leasing without the hassle