Warm-up Time vs Print Speed

Do you understand the difference between warm-up time and print speed when it comes to your office copier? If not, then you could end up getting a machine that directly works against what you need to accomplish in your office. Understanding the difference between warm-up time and print speed is critical if you want to get an efficient office machine.

Warm-up Time

  • Warm up time is the time that it takes for your machine to go from being completely off to producing it’s first print.
  • This is important for those who do not constantly use their machines. It will usually power down when its not being used. This means that you may have to keep warming it up.
  • Usually a bigger deal for those who do less frequent and smaller print jobs

Print Speed

  • This is the speed at which your machine can produce prints, usually written in prints per minute
  • Important for those who do very big print jobs. Warm-up time will be only marginally important if it’s 1000s of prints that you need to print.
  • One of the most important things to consider when you work at a place with a very busy office machine

Both features are important for different reasons. It’s all about looking at your business demands and figuring out which feature matter more for the efficiency of your business.