Why Choose 60-month Copier Leases

One of the most important decisions that you have to make about a copier lease is how long you would like the lease to be. Most copier leasing companies have some sort of short-term and long-term leasing option. We were interested to see what was the most common and why, so we did a little research to find out.

In our experience copier leases are either about 24-36 months for shorter leases, and 60-months for the longer leases. After doing a bit of research we found that the 60-month lease option is by far more common than any other lease length at Copier Las Vegas. There were a number of reasons that we found this to be true.


  • More cost effective. Having a longer lease means that you monthly payments are going to be lower. This is preferred for most people who are looking to save money. This can cut you payments almost in half compared to the longer leases.
  • More consistency. Copiers can be intimidating to many people. Most people do not want to change once they find an option that they like. This gives them the ability to focus on other parts of their business that they deem to be more important.
  • Less frequent copier leases. Most people do not find it very fun to get a new copier lease. This is a way to postpone this process for as long as possible.


Still, the 60 month lease option isn’t right for everyone. You get to upgrade more frequently with a shorter lease, which is really important for some people’s businesses. However, in our experience, it’s the 60-month lease option that works best for most people.