Copier Warm-Up Time

When people are looking into getting a new office machine it is generally because they are trying to become more efficient. You need work done faster and you need to save time. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what they really need to streamline their work process. Most people think they know how to figure out what will make them more efficient, but many people never consider copier warm-up time.

The mistake that many people make is simply assuming that a faster copier will help them save time. The reality is that not every machine is made for every business. This means that a faster copier may not actually help you save time the way you thought it would.

You need to consider copier warm-up time as well as print speed. Warm-up time is the time it takes for your copier to go from being completely off to producing its first print. This is not important for every business, but you need to understand why to make a smart decision.

Warm-up time affects the people who work at smaller businesses more. These are places where they may do a few, small print jobs a day. You won’t really need a super-fast print speed if you are only printing 10 pieces of paper. Alternatively, warm-up time means nothing for big businesses that never stop printing the entire day.

Getting a printer with a great warm-up time can help you save a ton of time down the road. However, if your copier is always working then you will only need to warm-up once, eliminating the need for a faster warm-up time.

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