More Money for Less Hassle

We have all been in the same situation when buying new technology. You want to save money by going with a cheaper option, but then the knockoff lets you down midway through. This is no different when thinking about office technology. Copiers are expensive devices and trying to cut corners for cost will often leave you with a lower quality machine that will eventually let you down. When it comes to office technology, it’s true that more money will mean less hassle.

One common mistake people make is thinking that buying a printer from a large box store will be similar to leasing a quality Xerox copier or printer from a leasing company. They will buy a $200 printer along with some toner and think they cracked the system.

Unfortunately, that $200 will inevitably break down. It’s not made to withstand the workload of a busy business, and the pieces will eventually break down. You will end up with a useless machine in no time, with no maintenance team to help you solve your problems.

You will also be spending more on things like toner. There’s practically no way to get a good deal on consumables if you are constantly playing catch up. $60 of toner will not last you the same time amount of time as toner on a contract with a leasing company will. You will also have to keep going back to the store and replacing toner constantly.

There’s no way around it. Spending the extra dollars will save you headaches down the road. For a great lease rate on your copier call us today at Copier Las Vegas.