Can I Keep my Discontinued Copier?

Getting an office copier that you like can be a huge relief to a business owner. There are so many options that when you find a price, and product that you love, it can be hard to turn away. That’s why it can be such a stressful situation if you are told that your copier is being discontinued. At Copier Las Vegas we want to spread to truth about maintaining and keeping a discontinued copier.

Copier companies are always innovating and creating newer and better office machines. Once they are ready for market they are eager to get their older models out of offices. They want their best, most expensive technology in offices across the country. This is why salespeople are pushed to get new machines out into the world.

When this happens you will often get a call from your leasing company informing you that your copier has been discontinued. They will probably use this as an opportunity to try and get you to upgrade to something new for a higher lease rate.

However, there is something that they don’t want you to know. All copier companies must keep their parts available for at least 5 years after they discontinue that model. That means that as long as you are within that 5 year period it should be relatively easy to maintain you copier.

It’s just important to find out when it was discontinued. If it was very recent then you are probably ok. However, if you have a very old copier then it may be time for an upgrade.