What to look for in a desktop printer

49729Are you in the market for a new or used desktop printer? There are so many models to choose from that it can be overwhelming at times. We have the experience and have done the research so that you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice. Here is a short list that gives you some ideas for what to look for in a desktop printer.

  • Do you prefer an inkjet or laser printer? Inkjet printers can be a great choice if you want high quality printing with an option to print excellent photo images with color. Laser printers may be a better option for a high volume office, as laser printer toner cartridge can generally print many more pages than your average inkjet printer cartridge.
  • Would you prefer a multifunction printer? Multifunction printers are very popular in offices these days. Having the ability to fax, scan, copy and print using one compact machine can be a great time saver and be an economical option. Ask yourself how often you will be using these functions and consider whether it may be a better choice for your needs.
  • How much does ink cost? It is very important to figure the cost of ink into your overall costs. Inkjet printers can use up ink much more quickly than a laser printer. Being informed about your projected usage is an important consideration. If are buying a laser printer, find out how much the toner cartridges cost and the estimated replacement time.

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