Essential Questions Concerning Technicians


After doing your research, you know the copier you want. You have completed an assessment of your printer needs, but you must also look at subjects that cover user requirements, network and expendables. In addition, you want to decide on where to buy your office equipment. That is as important as purchasing a good product because if anything goes wrong, you want them to stand behind their product.

The first question you should ask is, “What type of training do your technicians undergo?” At our Xerox company, we train our techs so that they are authorized to service Xerox. That means greater specialization, and they will have genuine access to the parts when needed. You do not have to wait several days for a part after your copier breaks down. A good company will spend a few weeks each year updating their knowledge on training. Next, ask if their technicians are freelance or company employees. With a full-time employee, they do not receive a commission on the parts, so they will have no need to sell you extra stuff you do not need.