Does Your Copier Break Down Constantly?

We have had numerous customers call us wanting a new copier when they had a great one already. While we’d love to sell a copier, we believe in honesty with customers, and that is why we have made suggestions that are in their best interest. After a new customer called us because of their older Xerox machine, the tech who serviced their copier told them that he could not get the parts for the machine. He left the copier in pieces as he told them he would check back once he discovered the part.

Warning: Do not be fooled by this! It’s another scam that you find many copier dealers running. They want the customer to feel fed up with their older copier so that they will purchase a newer one. In some cases, we have been able to get this rare part he needed in a couple of days. During a different case, we had a customer tell us the copier coding failed. When we looked closer, we found loose wires, and we pushed it back in and it was fine. We soon learned the reason. The copier started having ongoing problems, and the technician tried to sell them a new copier. If your copier seems to have ongoing issues, get a second opinion. Our Xerox copier business in Las Vegas can help.