A “New” Copier with More than 100k Copies

Would a company ever deliver a used copier to a customer and tell them that it was new? Can copier companies roll back the odometer? We recently had an irate customer come in who had had just that happen with another company. What happened is she missed the deadline for canceling her service contract for renegotiating. More or less, they told her that they are a big corporation, and that her problem is not theirs because she signed a contract. She told us she would never buy anything from them again.ColorLaserJetCM2320

What else did they learn in the discovery stage? She had bought a certain model, and the same company delivered it with more than 100,000 copies already on it. However, she did not learn about this until 20 months later when they had run 365,000 copies. Paying for 30,000 copies each month and averaging 18,294 copies, the contract started as $449, but they later upped it to $528. That is an increase of 17.5 percent. How did this happen? Did the sales representative accidentally overlook the fact that it was a used copier or was this an underhanded trick? We will let you decide.