Questions to Ask Your Copier Company

As a seller of Xerox products, we fully believe in the value of customers asking questions. At our company, we like this because it leads to higher customer satisfaction. The customer knows about the types of services and products they will receive in advance. Before you buy from a company, ask them if their service department will keep spares on hand or if they will order everything. You never want to buy from someone who must order everything. You could be out of business by the time you get the parts.

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Next, ask if they offer phone support. In addition to a field technician, it becomes helpful if the company offers phone support because they can diagnose issues over the phone quickly. Also, it can help customers to resolve a minor issue on their own if trouble arises. At our Xerox company, we have achieved the level of unparalleled customer service. We love helping customers to resolve their issues, and we will always answer questions promptly and honestly. Whether you want to buy or lease a newer system, it becomes essential to ask questions so that you know what you will receive.