Smoke and Mirrors: Lowest Cost Per Copy—Not Always a Good Deal

Every business owner wants to receive the most value for the lowest price. However, we always warn customers that the lowest possible cost per copy does not always equate to the best advantage. Oftentimes, when you see a low cost per copy, the company will earn back through multiple charges that will only be discovered after you have signed a multi-year contract.

In many cases, it leads to smoke and mirrors. For example, you might see a base charge of between $25 to $50. Your contract might cover 5000 pages in monochrome at one cent per page, and that will equal the fee of $50. However, the company added a $25 base charge, which means it really costs $75 every month. When it comes to the value of office technology, it boils down to three elements: improved efficiency, time and total cost. This is how we recommended judging a contract. Always look at the three key elements and not just the total cost per copy because companies are a business, and they want to make money off their services. You have to look at the big picture to receive the best deal.