Lesser Known Benefits of Managed Print Services

When people think of managed print services, they will often look at the cost savings. According to Gartner, you can save as much as 30 percent because you hired an MPS provider. Despite this excellent benefit, there are other benefits that people know less about. For example, MPS can help to increase employee productivity because most small business owners do not have the internal resources to sustain the infrastructure of their in-house printing.

If you are in the office and print issues arise, you will have to handle them yourself. However, when you outsource the work to a trained professional, the responsibility will fall on them. Because they will normally be more experienced with printing, issues will be resolved quicker if they arise so that you maximize productivity.

Another great benefit is that some MPS programs will offer volume discounts when you buy your own supplies. When you know each device, you can budget your expenses better for business, and you can look at the print-related expenses for each device. Lastly, choosing a managed print service will reduce the impact on the environment, which continues on as a hot topic across the globe.