Demand the Best Colors from your Copier

If you have a color printer or copier then it is probably crucial to your business. Whether you are creating posters or just need prominent graphs, color can change your entire presentation. That’s why you should demand the best color from your copier.

Many people have machines that are capable to amazing results, but they still end up with lame colors. This is because they don’t take the proper steps to make sure their machine is ready to give them the best results. If you follow these steps then you will start to see better colors then you’ve ever gotten from your machine.

  1. Set your print resolution. Make sure that it is as high as it can go. Most printers have settings that go as high as 1800 x 600 dpi, or even 2400 x 1200. More dpi means better pictures.
  2. Set your print driver. Make sure you change from the text setting to the photo setting. This will prepare your printer for a bolder image.
  3. Set print drive to full color. This will open a new range of colors available.
  4. Use Adobe PostScript print drive. Your greens, blues, and reds will be changed into cyan, magenta, yellow, and black values. This will create a fully color spectrum.
  5. Check your digital format. Jpeg, PDF, and PNG will create better images than TIFF or Bitmap photo.

The mistake that people make is just assuming that their copier will always give them the best output. These machines work wonders if you prime them for success. You need to follow the right steps in order to make sure you are getting the results you want.